Tax Returns

Tax Return Services For Individuals And Businesses In DuPage County And Will County, Illinois

Located in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, the law firm of Gary J. Fernandez & Associates, Ltd., is a general practice law office dedicated to the continued financial success of its clients. Whether you are an individual business owner or an international investment company, Gary J. Fernandez & Associates, Ltd., has the skills and experience necessary to help you with your tax and business decisions.

Effective Tax Consulting, Preparation And Representation

Gary J. Fernandez & Associates, Ltd., handles tax preparation for individuals and business entities. As both the attorney and the accountant, Gary Fernandez helps clients:

  • File their taxes correctly and efficiently
  • Make informed business decisions
  • Draft effective business agreements in compliance with business and tax law
  • Maximize their success based on sound business knowledge and tax advice

The firm also represents clients before the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the federal and/or Illinois tax court. Licensed to practice in both the U.S. District and Illinois circuit courts, Mr. Fernandez uses his knowledge and experience to defend clients under government scrutiny in IRS litigation.

A Wealth of Knowledge And More Than 30 Years of Practical Experience

Attorney Gary J. Fernandez has been focused on tax law since 1980, both as a certified public accountant (CPA) and as a lawyer. Throughout his career, he has reviewed over 20,000 individual and business tax returns. Currently the firm prepares several hundred business owners, corporate and partnership returns. Drawing on the breadth and diversity of his experience, he assists clients to make the best decisions possible regarding their tax planning and business decisions.

Many people's questions regarding taxes are simply questions about the best practices for their business. Having taught both graduate and undergraduate courses in financial accounting and individual and business taxation at Governors' State University, Mr. Fernandez advises clients on the best decisions regarding their particular business with regards to research and tax law.

Contact a Skilled Illinois Individual And Business Audit Defense Lawyer

Call the firm at 630-953-1340 for an initial no-cost telephone consultation or contact the firm by email to arrange a personal meeting with DuPage County attorney Gary Fernandez. Offices are located in Glen Ellyn, on Roosevelt Road, just east of Highway 355. Office hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays, and free parking is available.